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Do you want to learn how to reduce your Electric Bills? Reduce your Heating Oil Bills? Or even go completely Off-Grid and say goodbye forever to the Energy Company Monopoly? Then you have come to the right place! is the best resource on the web if you want to learn how to make your own energy. I have spent the past several years learning how to construct my own solar panels, wind turbines, and even bio-diesel.

Want to build your own solar panel, wind turbine, or purchase a generator? Check out our Green Energy Shopping List, free below! Quickly and easily order all the parts you need!

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Use the links below to go shopping for all the parts you need to create your own Solar Generator, Wind Generator, or to go completely off grid!

Solar Cells

Solar Cells are the heart of your new solar panel, buy about 36-40 of these per panel you want to make.

Get Your Solar Cells Here

Solar Panel

You can also purchase a commercial panel that is pre-assembled for your system. These basically cost double to triple what it would cost if you made your own.

Best Deals on Solar Panels

Completed Wind Turbine

The wind turbine, or wind generator (sometimes incorrectly referred to as a windmill – in modern implementations there is generally no “mill” attachment) is a great compliment to your solar cells or perfect on its own as the heart of your home green energy system.

Best Deals on Complete Wind Turbines

DIY-Green-Energy Recommended Turbine

Wind Turbine Generator

If you are going to make your own wind generator (of course, following the DIY-Green-Energy instructions), the wind turbine generator will be an essential component. A wind turbine generator actually is a DC motor, when spun by the wind, generates power. However, not all DC motors will work as a turbine generator. Refer to the DIY-Green-Energy manual to find out which ones are best.

Get Your Wind Turbine Generator Here*

*Remember not all of these listed in ebay will work, please read the manual to find the best types

Wind Turbine Blades

Forget about making turbine blades out of PVC pipe, get real! For the highest output and longest life of your new wind generator, buy professionally designed turbine blades!

Get Your Wind Turbine Blades Here*

*Refer to DIY-Green-Energy for how to choose the best type. Not all results listed on ebay are actually good...

Wind Turbine Tower

What most people fail to realize, and what many guides never even mention, could actually be one of the hardest and most expensive parts of any system. In order to be effective, a wind turbine must be taller than any surrounding buildings or structures.

Get Your 30-ft Wind Turbine Tower Here

Rosin Flux Pen

This will really help you solder the tabbing and bus wire onto your delicate solar cells. Definitely worth the price.

Get Your Rosin Flux Pen Here

Tabbing / Bus Wire

Tabbing Wire connects strings of cells together, while bus wire connects the strings together to complete your panel. They are most often sold together, in 10:1 rations (10 feet of tabbing wire for every foot of bus wire).

Get Your Tabbing Wire Here

Charge Controller

The charge controller is a critical component of any home power system that uses batteries. Because over-charging a battery could damage it, or shorten its lifespan, the charge controller monitors the battery level, and ensures that the solar cells do not ruin your expensive batteries!

Get Your Charge Controller Here

12v Deep Cycle Battery

Unlike “car” batteries, “deep-cycle” batteries are usually used on boats and for marine applications, or also golf carts and forklifts. They can be recharged many more times than car batteries, and also reconditioned to work like new.

To buy a new deep cycle batter, go here

Battery Disconnect Switch

The DC Solar Array / Battery Disconnect or Battery Switch (both linked below), allow you to disconnect your solar array from the battery bank when it needs maintenance.

Get Your Battery Disconnect Switch Here

Waterproof Battery Case

A battery case is often recommended, depending on your configuration. If you are using one battery, a waterproof case is often worth the $50 investment, especially if you have kids or pets around and want to keep them safe.

Get Your Battery Case Here

120V Power Inverter

The Power inverter is the component that allows you to take the output of your system (solar or wind generator), and turn it into AC that you can use for all your regular home appliances.

Get Your 120V Power Inverter

Gasoline Generator

The gasoline or diesel generator is an essential component of an off-grid or complete backup system.

Recommended Gasoline Generator

Diesel Generator

If you are going to be making your own biodiesel, then we strongly recommend getting a diesel generator instead, so you can make your own fuel to produce backup electricity.

Recommended Diesel Generator

Solder Iron

The simple "pencil" style solder iron is a great investment and is perfect to solder your solar cells together.

Get Your Soldering Iron Here



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